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28 juin 2014 6 28 /06 /juin /2014 20:28



Primer EP de lkd, survive.

From the hell to a wasted land

from the sky to the ground

you allways tought you were a looser and 

you allways lived with your wound

they told you what to do with your future

and you never refused!

now try to fitght

now try to scape

now don´t cry

death or life

it´s time!

to be loved or to be heated

Now my brain is working

im the one who is talking 

i´m feeling really alive

i want to survive

i realized that

what they told me turned lie

i don´t know why i believed them and died

I borned into a classical familly 

they had for me another destiny

like me many of you had

another idea of life to be destroyed

you can run, or you can fight

to be yourshelf and to reach the light

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